Shift Your Gaze From Global to Local: Community-Based Marketing Insights for Small Businesses and Non-Profits

Walking past a competitor’s coffeehouse, you spot a former customer chatting with the barista, a cup of morning brew in his hands. A shopper tells you she loves those shoes – then asks who makes them so that she can look for them online. You hear a family talking about how excited their kids were at your museum last week, but membership is down. What’s happening?

You know your customers, but do you really know their stories? Do you know how they journey through their day? What emotions drive them? How do they decide where to shop, what to eat, where to go for fun? When you become an enjoyable element of their rituals and routines, they will keep coming back to you. Developing relationships is the key to customer loyalty.

Our Field Trips will help you understand what draws your customers to you – and what will keep them there. A unique fusion of consumer insights strategy and business coaching brings the tools of big business to local communities, providing small businesses and non-profits with the extra edge to maneuver successfully in today’s market, while meeting the needs of the people who make up your neighborhood.

As ethnographers skilled in consumer insights research, we’ll help you find the points of opportunity in the everyday stories of people’s lives. We’ll teach you to shift your gaze in order to see your business through the eyes of your customers (and those who aren’t your customers – yet!) You’ll gain a new perspective, and our business coaches will help you incorporate what you learn into the context of your own story, turning the needs of the community into opportunities for growth.